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Transmission & Transaxle Powertrain

The transmission transmits the power produced by the engine to the wheels for power and economy based on the demands placed on the vehicle at any given time.

There are 3 basic transmission types and many variations of each:

  1. An automatic that shifts gear based on inputs sensed by the vehicle.
  2. A manual transmission gear ratio is determined when the driver selects the gear.
  3. Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT) that never actually shifts but speed and load variation cause the output ratio of the transmission to change.

Recommended Service

  • We recommend changing the fluids (automatic or manual) every 30,000 miles. (Even though many manufactures may not have a scheduled service interval is important for the longevity of your vehicle and protection of your investment.)
  • Use the proper fluid recommended in your vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Many transmissions and transaxles have filters that will be replaced when changing the fluid.

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