7 Simple Tips To Keep You Safe On The Road.

These 7 simple “tricks” keep your vehicle reliable and your family safe on the road. We know that you depend on your car and need to be sure that the family is safe every time you hit the road.
(1) Get your vehicle in for scheduled car maintenance services.
Regularly scheduled car maintenance will give you peace of mind. When the certified mechanics are working doing the scheduled service their eyes and ears are open looking for potential problems and hidden issues that could develop into expensive repairs if not addressed.
(2) Use a certified auto mechanic for your regular maintenance services.
You want a certified mechanic working on your car, even for a simple oil change and inspection. It is easy to miss some of the “hidden” issues on a simple inspection; you always want someone with the experience and knowledge of your particular vehicle trained to recognize potential problems doing the inspection.
(3) Visit your mechanic before something major happens to the car.
When you notice something unusual with your vehicle, schedule an appointment with your certified auto mechanic right away. Waiting to get in for service can be a costly mistake. Whatever is going on will not just fix itself; that simply does not happen in our mechanical and electrical automotive world.
(4) Keep a running list of minor issues to bring to your regularly scheduled maintenance.
Keep a notepad in your glove compartment and write down the things that come to mind and when there is the opportunity to keep a record of the time and driving conditions when you experienced the anomaly. It is easy to forget the details of an important event when you bring your car in for some other service, but if you have a written record you will not forget even in the stress of the moment.
(5) When visiting your auto mechanic for a regularly scheduled visit, ensure your auto mechanic understands your concerns directly.
Our experience guides us to listen then ask the right questions that will help to pinpoint the problem area, even if we’re just on the phone. The root cause of the problem may not be what you think or have been told, it is this information that often ends up saving you lots of money.
(6) Don’t take a short cut by trusting the parts store “diagnosis” then trying to do-it-yourself.
When the auto parts store counter person offers to “Diagnose the problem” and reads the code then sell you what it needs. Many times the parts guy wants to be your hero or sell the parts needed to make his quota. With the likely outcome the car needs further testing to determine the root cause of the failure and now the part that was sold to correct the issue has been installed and is not returnable.
(7) Make sure your certified auto mechanic considers the obvious diagnosis.
The number one cause of breakdown is a dead or faulty battery, loose and corroded battery terminal connections can cause problems, too. Watch out for signs that tell you when your alternator or battery is failing. Look out for a flickering of your battery warning light on the dashboard for instance, keep an eye out for dimmed headlamps and dimmed dashboard lights when the engine is idling and if your car turns over slowly or takes longer to start you may have a probem.

Bottom Line: Always have your vehicles serviced regularly with a certified mechanic at a reputable repair shop and be sure you get a warranty on all the repair work.