Exhaust & Emissions

Your car’s emission system keeps the engine running cleanly and efficiently.

It controls the emissions, exhaust, and pollutants using many different types of sensors. The emission system reduces harmful gases from escaping the vehicle through the tailpipe and the fuel tank. Getting a consistent emissions check ensures that your system is working properly and you aren't causing excessive pollution.

Your car’s exhaust system routes dangerous exhaust gas away from the engine and the inside of the car. The catalytic converter reduces the level of pollutants in the exhaust. An oxygen sensor monitors the level of oxygen in the exhaust to maintain efficient engine and converter operation.

The check engine light on your dashboard will come on when the computer detects a problem. Left unattended it can result in poor gas mileage and it can even cause your vehicle to put more pollution and contaminants into the atmosphere. Not good!

Currently, Washington State requires periodic emissions check and testing to make sure your vehicle’s emissions are within acceptable range. If your vehicle fails the state emissions test problem we can diagnose and repair the issue. Give us a call today, we're happy to help: 253.538.1441

Image of a car emissions check measurement tool

Recommended Service for Emissions Check

The following recommendations can help you be aware of when your car may need an exhaust or emissions check.

  • If the check engine light is on in your vehicle have it inspected immediately. This will prevent ongoing damage to your engine systems.
  • Rattling noise when starting, accelerating or braking make indicate a problem with your exhaust system.
  • A visual inspection of the exhaust system when your vehicle is in for regular maintenance may catch many of these problems early when repairs are less expensive.

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