Lighting & Wipers

For safe driving conditions, your windshield wipers play a major role.

Accidents increase when you cannot see and when others cannot see you on the road. Your vehicle’s wipers help to keep your windshield clear by wiping away water, snow or dirt. Window wiper replacement can provide you with clearer visibility when you drive and increase your safety on the road.

The lights on your vehicle supply illumination for viewing the instruments in your vehicle as well as to allow for nighttime vision and to signal other drivers that you plan on moving. They are an important safety feature that should be checked regularly to prevent lighting problems.

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Image of a vehicle window wiper that may need a wiper replacement

Recommended Service for Wiper Replacement & Lighting Repairs

  • Light bulbs should be changed as soon as they are no longer working.  If multiple lights are not working the fuses need to be checked to see if a fuse needs replacing.
  • We recommend replacing light bulbs in pairs. When one light goes out the other is not too far behind needing replacement.
  • We recommend replacing the wiper blades at the beginning of the wet season yearly. The summer weather can cause your wiper blades to deteriorate faster.
  • Replace wiper blades when they start streaking on your windshield.
  • Check the washer fluid reservoir every other oil change and top off if needed.
  • We recommend having an Aquapel windshield service every six months to help keep your windshield clear. (AquaPel is a coating applied to your windshield that causes the rain to run off and gives you a clearer view with less glare.)

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