Your Car Needs Regular Professional Vehicle Inspections

It’s a fact that many of us need to use our cars for work or personal reasons. Some of us commute a long way to and from work, and having a car is a great convenience. It beats waiting a long time for the bus or paying the tab for uber or a cab. Having a reliable car keeps you safe and makes it easy to pick up groceries, drop the kids off to soccer practice, or take our pets to the veterinarian. A safe and reliable vehicle gives you freedom! But face it, cars are a lot like us and need a health check up on a regular basis. If you hear a funny noise being made by your car, don’t ignore it! If your car is emitting too much smoke, you also need to pay attention. If you have had a flat tire before, you know the headache that it can cause. Have your tires checked out for wear and tear to help avoid a flat tire.

               Many States require an annual vehicle safety inspection for all registered vehicles operated on the highway. Washington is not one of them, we do not require the vehicles on the road to have an annual inspection. It is no less important here than in in the states like Texas and 17 others that require periodic safety inspections. You need the peace of mind that you and your family are safe and protected in a reliable vehicle. That is why we offer a courtesy 63 point maintenance inspection at no charge every time your vehicle is in for service. If we find that your vehicle needs maintenance or further inspection to uncover a problem we can catch it before it is too late and keep the risk of breakdown to a minimum.

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