Starting, Charging & Batteries

Your vehicle is designed with a starting and charging system.

It is also designed to have a battery, all of which ensure dependable vehicle operation whenever you drive no matter the type of driving condition. Car battery testing is important to ensure the optimal performance of your battery and starting & charging system.

The battery stores electrical energy that the starter converts into mechanical force to turn the engine and start the vehicle. The alternator produces electrical current to replenish what the starter took from the battery during start-up and to support electrical loads when the engine is running.

A belt transmits power from the engine to the alternator’s pulley, as well as other accessories.

Cycling your engine on and off frequently will cause more wear on the battery and starter than longer driving periods.

Other factors that shorten the life the starting & charging system and the battery include vehicle age, mileage, driving and weather conditions, and excessive electrical draws like in-vehicle entertainment systems.

Today the quality of your battery is more important than ever. The computer, communications and navigation systems all require “clean power” buffered and free from excessive spikes to protect these systems from expensive damage. If you need car battery testing to ensure yours is performing properly, schedule an online appointment with our team.

Image of a mechanic holding a diganostic tool to help with car battery testing

Recommended Service

  • You should perform car battery testing once a year, typically in the fall.  If your battery is 5 years old or more, consider replacing it since the chances of failure increase with age.
  • Check the battery mounting brackets and hold down clamp to be sure it is secure in the vehicle.
  • When the battery is tested it is good to have it serviced to remove any corrosion that could prevent the battery from operating correctly and to make sure it is secure in the vehicle.
  • Do not use your vehicle the jump-start a dead vehicle.

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