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7 Simple Tips To Keep You Safe On The Road

  7 Simple Tips To Keep You Safe On The Road. These 7 simple “tricks” keep your vehicle reliable and your family safe on the road. We know that you depend on your car and need to be sure that the family is safe every time you hit the road. (1) Get your vehicle in…

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Your Car Needs An Annual Safety Inspection

You are at risk every time you get behind the wheel. When you are out on the road there are many things that require instant response. The ball bouncing across the street with the 10 year old hot on its trail or the guy in front of you suddenly changes lanes to reveal a mammoth…

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Are YOU Contributing to the Problem or Helping Make a Difference?

Clean water is important to all of us. In recent years, many sources of water pollution like industrial wastes from factories have been greatly reduced. Now, most water pollution comes from cars leaking oil, fertilizers from farms and gardens, and failing septic tanks. All these sources add up to a big pollution problem. But you…

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Vehicle Leaks Education Campaign

    Washington Department of Ecology estimates every year hundreds of tons of oil and other petroleum-related products make their way to our lakes, rivers, streams, and Puget Sound itself. Most of this toxic pollution comes from small oil motor drips from our cars and trucks. Due to these staggering findings, it is imperative that…

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You’ll Profit from My Nutty Idea!

Just for you.  I’ve got a Plan That Can Save You $457.99 in Automotive Repair & Maintenance Read On To Learn How…to Get the I-Care Club Card   $587.96 in auto repair and maintenance for only $129.97! A total savings of $457.99! It’s true! No gimmicks, no strings attached, I’ve developed a program that will…

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